Chip & Shelly Thurston (Texas Organizers)

chip and Shelly Thurston1Hello, we are Chip & Shelly Thurston and we are currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Our birthplace is Baltimore, Maryland. We have one daughter who just finished her BS at University of North Texas for Social Work who also lives with us.

I am currently an SAL member with the American Legion Post 297; Shelly is a member of the Auxiliary, also with the same Post. We currently are American Legion Riders and both hold positions as Road Captain and Secretary.

We have been helping George Sherman with the Allied Ride since it started and will continue to do so, because it's the right thing to do. Neither of us has served our country however we both have family members who have. We strongly support and respect those that have served, or are active duty members, and those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This is one way we can stand for those who stood for us.....

We both feel this is very special event to be a participant in and each year and we look forward to the day of the event. We hope to see this blossom into other countries and see this expand in the future.

We are very fortunate that George Sherman came into our lives and touched us and many others.