Jason Skeen  (Texas Organizer)

jason skeen

Hello my name is Jason Skeen, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. My hometown is Plainfield, Ill.

I also serve in the U.S.Air Force as an F-16 Crew Chief, working with George Sherman and Scott Pecikonis and I also have my own assigned aircraft. So far I have done 12 years active duty Air Force, 5 years reserve. Assignments: Nellis A.F.B., Nevada, Kunsan A.F.B. ROK (Korea), Luke A.F.B., Arizona, Hill A.F.B.,Utah, and now at Carswell A.F.B., TX

I was aproached last year by George and Scott on the subject of doing this ride going to Greenwood cemetery here in Fort Worth, Tx. to pay respects to the fallen British and Canadian Aviators buried there, George also informed me of the ride which was happening in the United Kingdom. So I agreed to help organize the ride here last year on the 4th of July. Which turned out very well !

This year we are planning on going further out, to Terrell, Tx. to pay our respect to 20 Fallen R.A.F. training cadets. It will be a GREAT ride this year !

Ride Safe !
Jason Skeen