Chris "Hammie" Hamilton  (Texas Organizer - East)

chris-hamiltonChris "Hammie" Hamilton
Born 10/15/1953
Merced, Ca

I bought my first street legal bike in 1967 a 125cc Yamaha and have had a chronic and terminal case of road fever ever since.

Married my only wife, Virginia, in Feb. of 1978 we have been blessed with three wonderful children and six grandchildren, all living here in the DFW area.

Although I never served in the armed forces my family has always had close ties to the military community. My Grandparents rented rooms to airmen stationed at Castle Air Force Base in Atwater, Ca. for many years. Many of my freinds from school served in Vietnam and I did what I could personally to welcome them back home in those tumultuous times.

My father served in the Navy during WW II, a time he was always proud of. When asked, "Daddy what did you do in the war?" he would always answer, "Invaded Catalina Island twice a week whether it needed it or not." Dad never spoke of his combat experience, friends told me at his funeral that he made two landings in the Pacific early in the war. He did however talk of the sailors he instructed in operating the Higgins boats and how he hoped that he taught them well enough. Many of his students made the D-Day landings at Normandy and the last days of the Island hopping campaigns in the Pacific.

The way he spoke of the men he had trained and served with filled me with pride that my father had stood with such heroes and had a part in what they accomplished so many years ago on the beaches of France and the many landings in the war with Japan.
So when the opportunity arose for me to join and help in any way I could the Allied Memorial Remeberance Ride, there was no way that I wasn't going to be a part, no matter how small.

It is my honor and priviledge to be associated with the men and women who are the AMRR

Chris "Hammie" Hamilton