George & Debbie Sherman  (U.S.A. Coordinator/Texas Organizer)


Hello we are George and Debbie, we live in Fort Worth, Texas. U.S.A.

George currently serves in the U.S. Air Force as an F-16 Crew Chief maintaining aircraft, while Debbie is a Nurse working with Alzheimer's patients. Together we have 4 children, 2 daughters live in England, 1 daughter lives here in Fort Worth,Tx. and our son lives in Seatle, Wa.

Being a member of both the Royal British Legion Riders and the American Legion Riders, Bob and Norman informed me of the ride being planned in the U.K. and asked if the American Legion wanted to get involved, of course I said yes, then one day while working on the flightline, I told the story to a close friend of mine, Scott (Pech) Pecikonis, and he asked the question "If they can ride for our fallen airmen, why can't we ride for theirs" and so we did, with a great turn out !

Why do we want to be involved, well I currently serve, so this is "Our" history as well, the Army Air Corps separated into what is now the U.S. Air Force, My mum was one of those children taken out of London because of the bombing during the war, and my grandfather fought under Field Marshall Montgomery in WW II. My father was in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in the U.K., where he met my mum. And like Jon, we are currently at war again, side by side, and unfortunately with war we loose members of "Our" Armed Forces, this is a way to say you are not, and will not be forgotten !

Thanks goes to Bob, Norman and Jon for letting us be a part of this ! It is such an honour knowing that on the same day we are riding with British, Canadians and fellow Americans in other states for the same reason ! Respect to everyone who takes part in this event !

Ride Safe, Ride with Pride !
George & Debbie