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Saturday 2nd July 2016




Ride Leaders Name : Spanners Contact Number : 021537101 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RV at Mt Maunganui RSA at 09:00 for a 09:15 depart.

RV at The Big Cow in Te Poi at 10:00 for a 10:15 depart to Cambridge

Service being held in Cambridge at 11:00

Road Speed-- Open Road: 100kph Built Up Areas: 50kph Road Works: As posted

Formation: ___ Staggered File: Road Captain followed by the President then by Committee Members, Full Members, Nominees, Guests and Sgt at Arms at rear.

Safety Rules:

Ensure you keep an eye on rider behind you.

Avoid big gaps in the formation; this invites cars to overtake splitting the formation.

When overtaking, continue on at speed to allow room for bikes following. Ensure the way is clear before overtaking.

Do not overtake vehicles on the inside.

When following another vehicle, follow from a safe distance. Move within your lane to catch the driver’s attention so you do not startle them when overtaking.

2 seconds between bikes in line, 1 second in adjacent file, double the time in the wet.

If you fish tail button off, tuck your legs in, clinch your arms and keep the bike straight.

Be courteous to other road users; don’t put yourself or others in danger due to your stupidity.

No overtaking on NO PASSING LINES. This will not be tolerated.

Actions on:

Break- down: Stay with the bike, someone will return for you.

Accident: Apply first aid, move the patient as little as possible, ring appropriate assistance.

First Aid Kit: Location to be made known at Ride Brief .




Hauraki Chapter

Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club.



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