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NH State Veterans Cemetery

The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery


On July 1, 1997, The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery was legislatively established. The facility was funded jointly by the state and federal governments. The 104 acres of land was previously used as a state forest in the town of Boscawen, New Hampshire.

Phase I construction was partially completed in November of 1997, which involved about nine acres of the 104 acres of land. A carillon system and landscaping was donated by various veterans organizations. On August 15, 2003, final Phase I construction was completed with federal funds. A memorial brick walkway and history walkway were constructed through the generosity of many individuals, local businesses and veterans organizations.

NH State Veterans CemeteryThe current cemetery development of 14 acres provides adequate burial sites for several years to come. The master plan has 6 additional phases for future expansion. With future expansion, the cemetery has enough acreage to expand and accommodate veterans and their eligible dependents for many years to come.

The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery was the first state cemetery east of the Mississippi River to allow the interment of nonresident veterans. The State of New Hampshire is proud and honored to provide this dignified resting-place for all veterans and their eligible dependents.

US Navy veteran CWO2 Ernest Holm, WWI and WWII, was the first interment at the cemetery on November 18, 1997. On the same day, his spouse Hilda was also interred.


*Note: Information and photo's have been taken from the official NH State Veterans Cemetery website. For further details about the cemetery, please visit their website by clicking here.