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(A Tribute To Our Own)




Prior to AMRR (UK) 2013, we were asked if a tribute could be made during the lead up to 'The Ride' for our own fallen bikers and supporters, lost through accident or illness. We were looking for something that would be respectful, tasteful and fitting of both the military and biking community, as a result "The Roar Of Thunder (A Tribute To Our Own)" was created.

Adding a Tribute

If you have lost an AMRR rider/supporter within the last 12 months (since the date of the previous Allied Ride),  and would like their name read out in tribute, please visit the registration desk on the day of the ride and ask for The Roar Of Thunder tribute list. The list is open to anyone from any organisation or individual that has supported the ride, they do not need to have been in the military nor a member of the RBLR.


At the published time, riders return to their bikes

  • Names will be read from the Roll of Honour of those we have lost since the previous AMRR.
  • Last Post (AMRR Trumpeter) - Roar of Thunder to commence on last note!
  • 30 seconds "The Roar of Thunder" - Riders start your bikes and make some noise ... lots of noise!
  • Rouse (AMRR Trumpter) - Roar of Thunder to end on first note!


They can no longer ride by our side but will remain firmly in our hearts and will forever be remembered.

AMRR 2017/18
roar icon Graham 'Ben' Casey
roar icon James Wolf-Hanson
roar icon Paul 'Eddie' Fitzgerald
roar icon Mike Dobbin
 roar icon Ray Risk RBLR
 roar icon Robert 'Rab' Cross RBLR
 roar icon Colin Lowey RBLR
 roar icon Ivor Millard RBLR
roar icon  Chris Stone RBLR
 roar icon Roger Carter RBLR
 roar icon Ann Galaway RBLR
 roar icon Graham Mogford RBLR
 roar icon Ian Liddle RBLR
 roar icon Owen Stephen Roberts RBLR
 roar icon Glenn Green RBLR
 roar icon  Pru Chase
 roar icon Maurice Slaven
AMRR 2016/17
roar icon Bill Purvis
roar icon Steve Chamberlain
roar icon William Timothy Dix
roar icon Cat "Chatty Kat" Vickers
AMRR Texas
AMRR 2015/16
roar icon Harry Nelson
roar icon Richard (Fitz) Fitter
roar icon Kath Whiteley
roar icon Angie Lynskey
roar icon Graham (Buck) Taylor
roar icon Panhead Joe
AMRR Texas
roar icon Christopher Crocker
roar icon Mark Altass
roar icon Martin (Foggy) O'Neil Royal Engineers
roar icon Rocky  
roar icon Steve Dean Chequers B.C.
roar icon Jane Hill RBLR
AMRR 2014/15
roar icon 

 Gareth Fisher


roar icon  Antony Taylor RBLR
roar icon  Kevin Donaghue RBLR
roar icon  Tony Holdsworth RBLR
roar icon Robbie Murphey
Quick Quacks
AMRR 2013/14
roar icon 

Tony Arrandale


roar icon Dave Bowman RBLR
roar icon

Al Brooks


roar icon

Debbie Brown

AMRR Supporter

roar icon

Vernon Coons

Texas Allied Rider

roar icon

Andrew Cornish

roar icon

Clive Elliot


roar icon 

Malcolm & Bev Hagan


roar icon Mark Hardin Texas Allied Rider
roar icon Philip Heaton RBLR
roar icon Simon Mollett
roar icon Albert "Bert" Sims Ponca City
roar icon Graham Sheeley RBLR
roar icon Bill 'Dudley' Walker  
AMRR 2012/13
roar icon 

 Mark Blundell

5 Counties Motorcycle Club

roar icon  Kev Church Herts Police
roar icon  Mike Clapham RBLR
roar icon  Colin French RBLR
roar icon Ken Fuller
roar icon Dave Gladstone
5 Counties Motorcycle Club
roar icon David Glazzard RBLR
roar icon Ian Hay RBLR
roar icon Peter Keeble RBLR
roar icon Ian Lancley RBLR
roar icon Andy Marriott RBLR
roar icon Jamie Ottaway RBLR
roar icon John Powell RBLR
roar icon Charles Henry Sargeant (Chas) RBLR
roar icon Simeon 5 Counties Motorcycle Club
roar icon Paddy Wilson RAF Regt
roar icon Martin Woods RBLR
roar icon Harry Woodward RBLR



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