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Kat "Chatty Kat" Vickers

Kat Vickers



9 Years Ago, we started a Memorial Ride to Honor "ALL" of our Fallen Allied Warriors. The Ride has continued to grow, which speaks for itself. This year we lost a member of our group who has been with us from the beginning and supported this event! Our Hearts are sad, but Kat will forever be in our hearts and memories.

The Texas Allied Ride on June 10, 2017 from Benbrook to Terrell, Texas will be in Honor to, and in Memory of our friend, our sister Kat Vickers, May you forever ride the winds above!



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small poppyPlease email AMRR admin staff if you would like to add a tribute on this page to an organiser or supporter who has passed away and had any connection with the Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride. We will require a photo, eulogy (written tribute) and to know which country/ride was supported. 

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